Strong Willed Children Are Blessings

Strong willed children are very challenging to parent. That’s an understatement.

But the fact is, it is a huge blessing to have a strong willed child because they will grow up to be an assertive and confident critical thinker. They are natural leaders and innovators that our world cannot do without. As their parent, you are charged with the important and difficult task of guiding them. To do this successfully, this will require more work upfront, but the end result is a child that you will not have to worry about.

A compliant child is either 1). eager to please people, or 2). they don’t feel strongly about their opinions. They are much easier to parent when they are children, and when they grow up, they are easy to get along with. The trade off for a parent is the future worry that they will not stand up for themselves or fight for what makes them happy.

Do you want a child that has “fight” in them, or a child who doesn’t have “fight” in them? Actually, it doesn’t matter what you want, because children are typically born one way or another. The part you get to decide is how you will parent them.

Ultimately, it is probably easier to guide a strong willed child because you can win them over with logic and reason. It is much harder to instill determination into a child’s head. If your child is content and complacent with following orders and letting people have their way, how do you convince them to push back?